Still from Gravity's Angel: A Dance Film Visual Essay: Rosie Trump

We are now accepting submissions for Issue 18. The deadline to submit is March 15, and the issue will be released this May. Please review the form below for submission instructions. For details please view the below pdf. This issue, WALKING: Context, Concepts, Practice, is a special issue, edited by Guest Editor jsk.

Call for a special issue:  WALKING:  Context, Concepts, Practice

Edited by Guest Editor jsk, Issue 18 of The Dancer-Citizen asks for contributions around concepts of dancing/walking/being—and from there onward: 

i was reminded of a field note entry i wrote before all the walks began.

it was about how dance is what we do as we stand in the gap between how we think things should be/wished they were and the how things actually are in this moment we are in  

i was reminded of that as i explored jane’s walks website [], a manifestation of something a group of someones decided to as they stood in the gap between walkability in cities and how jane jacobs dreamed of it being, as they stood in the gap between connection and community and the reality of the isolation of individuals in urban areas. one could say that it’s in the gap that my own project was born. as i wrote poems about flying and falling, i was reminded that so much of it was born of this feeling that i should know what’s happening and the feeling that I have no clue, and that existing and living through these in-between moments, in the gap, to do what you are moved to do is nothing more and nothing less than the dance of our lives. and so important to remember is that that dance can be, and is so often powerfully, to witness, witnessing what is here, in the gap, in the space between - asking ourselves, what do you see?

- jsk

jsk is a poet, dancer, and student at Union Theological Seminary.

Submissions are welcome in any form (written, video, other), and may be of any length and from any area of dance practice or collaborations therewith. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2024 and may be made at For all submissions, we ask that you please 1) include a short abstract with your work and 2) please use Chicago Manual of Style for citations, if applicable.

All accepted work will appear in the Spring 2024 issue of The Dancer-Citizen, to be published on May 15.

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