Dancing Within Never Without

Charles Macdonald

Dancing familiar memories appoint a family of  wonder delivered from beyond my understanding of for and by love.  Some central gut reaction inevitably starts and

I move understanding complete comprehension and compassion, allowing

a melody of positions to languish lyrics of sweet expressing heartbeats rhyming

the dawn of joy that spreads across horizons of our soul.

Dance me that move where I gasp in the arms over reaching ever 

seeking Those pauses where we breath in the taste of hope and everlasting drink of movement 

joyously rhyming our exalting faith that there is another and more always never ending. Breath 

the central dance of grace and tangles of my heart into around through and fulfilling.

     Then there dreams, somewhere wishes, and simple solutions that flow one to another 

leaving returning moving on ignoring remembering fulfilling.  Listing actions stacked one after 

another or randomly accumulated into a form where each one is back up straight curved and 

consequentially configured.

     Love from the beginning, to, of, from and in  the gasp 

everlasting rhythm   dance. Ever beginning, always onward from within we are never without.