Letter from the Editor

Jane M. Alexandre

 In Arrested Space, Suspended Time

Stop.  Hold?  Suspend.  Pause.  Reflect.  Enquire.  Re-visit?  Re-invent?  Renew.  Experiment.  Change course? Stop.  Hold.  Suspend.  Gather



“If our practices aren’t helping us to become better people, then why are we doing them? …[acknowledge] the transformative potential of performance.”  Candice Salyers


“Loud whispers of a Latina artist, woman, mother, and immigrant living and working in New York during the pandemic and the demonstrations.”  Anabella Lenzu


“Micro-kinetic stories developed in the same time and space where personal and collective issues come together.”  Iria Arenas


“I am compelled to implement a spirit of activism in my work…bearing witness through dance.”  Christa Oliver

Change course.

“Artists amid pandemic have begun urgent conversations on the future of live performance and the role of dance film…I want to highlight the possibilities of dancing ‘in 360’.”  Kara Nepomuceno


“…on improvisation as a metaphorical and bodily mode for navigating the topsy-turviness of life and dance while sheltering in place.”  Carlee Sachs-Krook 


“How can individuals succumbing to the bystander effect be encouraged to take direct action in different ways, regardless of whose fight it might be?”  Nina Kossler


“There are periods when my inner child is fully awake and the generosity of my discoveries is easy to communicate and share with others, but there are periods when the candle is only half-lit…”  Anabella Lenzu


Jane M. Alexandre, PhD.
Founding Editor

The Dancer-Citizen November 2020