Letter from the Editor

Jane M. Alexandre

EFFECTION: I/We, Alone/Together

The founding statement of The Dancer-Citizen names our understanding of “the obligation we hold to seek and develop solutions for the challenges facing the communities in which we live and work”.

What are these “communities in which we live and work”?  Are they communities of practice, communities of common interest, communities of common belief?  Are they closed, almost cloistered? Do they mandate exploration, concern, openness?  Are they geographic, by happenstance, do they ask that we live with unease, discomfort?  Do they offer safety, understanding, respite?  Are they large, loosely defined, undefined; small, contained, even solitary? 

How do we “live and work” there?  How do we explore, negotiate, question, confront, resolve?  How do we evolve, how do we move forward? 

How are we present in our communities? 

The contributors to Issue 14 have answered with their work: the body of knowledge; the body of belief; the body of experience; the body of memory; the body of trauma; the body of strength; the body of power; the body of wisdom.  The body, in movement.

We are present.

Jane M. Alexandre, PhD.
Founding Editor

The Dancer-Citizen November 2021