Letter from the Editor

Jane M. Alexandre

Here Amongst Us, I Am

 The mystery and wonder of the “open call for submissions”…away from the focus and subject-spotlight of calls for papers for a themed issue, the open call invites new voices, new questioning, new inquiry.  Over 16 issues, The Dancer-Citizen has embraced the open call, welcoming contributions across a range of concerns, receiving reports of long-standing research, tentative new explorations, fierce arguments, cries of joy, cries of despair, and always, always, deep exploration through dance and movement.

With this issue, we welcome quiet exploration into who we each are, why and how we might understand where we are placed in the whole.  Our contributors address spirituality, aging, guidance and teaching; each bringing the knowledge and witness our bodies hold.

Jane M. Alexandre, PhD.
Founding Editor

The Dancer-Citizen May 2023