Letter from the Editor

Jane M. Alexandre

Combine, Craft and Create:  centering work at the edges 

Looking at the pool of contributions across previous issues, the curiosity arose as to how we identify as artist scholars:  Dancer. Or, dancer/choreographer, dancer/teacher, dancer/scholar, dancer/architect, dancer/chemist, dancer/alchemist, dancer/nurse, dancer/anthropologist, dancer/musician, dancer/philosopher, dancer/physician, dancer/activist, dancer/chaplain, dancer/photographer, dancer/poet, dancer/other, dancer/more? 

Here, six contributors answered the call about identity by offering work from the edges and across disciplines.  They invoke and create from various pools of knowledge,  sometimes held within one person who works across and within fields, sometimes held by artists rooted deeply in dance who reach out to collaborating scholars.  In every case, new ways of looking at our world and our challenges emerge.

Jane M. Alexandre, PhD.
Founding Editor

The Dancer-Citizen November 2023