The hidden dancer is seen

Mor Mendel

The hidden dancer is seen
The hidden dancer is silly and free
It’s a child skipping at an open field
It has no judges
No right or wrong
No correct way to move
No ballet teacher saying higher tighter brighter fighter
Go go go

Will you take off your shoes, pick a place (it can be anywhere), pick a music you know makes
you feel, put it on, put it loud and clear, and without thinking, begin to move.
Let your body tell you – I am here for you.
Let the dancer in you not care. Not care but land into presence. Into the love of the
child that still remembers what it means to run. Imagine. Play.

The hidden dancer exists in your smile. It exists in the angle of your head and the direction of
your gaze. It exists in the way you look down when someone tells you they
no longer love you and as tears roll down your cheeks.

The hidden dancer is curious. Not for what will happen next but for what is happening now.

The hidden dancer is not necessarily seen by others.
It is seen by you.
It is seen by your heart.
And by the attention you give to your heart.
This dancer is seen by the clouds, the trees, the birds, the winds and all the spirits around
It is seen in time, by your past and your future and by the moment you are in.
It belongs to you.