Letter from the Editors

November 2017:  With this, Issue 5, we pause to see where we are—where we’ve come from, where we’ve been led, where we stand now, and where we’re headed.  In this pause, we offer reflection—written and in video—of our first two years, four issues of The Dancer-Citizen.

We then look forward: first, with a preview of our live event premiere, The Dancer-Citizen Live 2018:  “Moving the Map”.  Developed with contributors to Issues 1 - 4, “Moving the Map” will originate from four locations on 24 June, 2018, live streaming the work—in performance, workshop and other forms—of Iria Arias, Bernard Brown, Christina Castro-Tauser, JKL Collective, Maira Duarte, Heather Harrington, Daniel Rothman, Hannah Schwadron, and Allison Wyper.  Second, we look forward to a beginning consideration of how social engagement develops in dance artists, the beginning of a theoretical concept of how notions of citizenship, belonging and obligation operate in dance artists.  The subject of  Issue 6, a special issue, we here lay the groundwork for both the concept and the call for submissions.

Finally, we present a review of Jacky Lansley’s “Choreographies”: as autobiography and archive, a representation of  lifelong engagement in dance/social process.