Eboné Amos


As a choreographer, I aim to present work that fosters the empowerment of the black community. My work can swing low from chariots and rise to any occasion as I embody the laments, joys, aches and triumphs of the black female in America. My artistry is dedicated to eradicating the misrepresentations of black females in media, art, fashion and beyond. Rhythmically floating within multiple disciplines – song, dance and spoken word – my choreography tells stories that are personal to me in hopes of connecting universally with audiences and engaging communities alike.

My current research stems from my devotedness to an institution that has framed my past, present and future: the black church. It began with studying the improvisational gestures of the congregants but morphed when I turned a critical eye toward the inner-workings, contradictions and humanness of the religious practice I know and love. In panty(hoes), my dancers and I explore the plight that lies within the duality of sacred/secular found in the female body and the antiquated, patriarchal ideals that puts them at odds. We also examine the relationship that is established with a higher power and how respect of doctrine and elder dictates the validity of intimacy within the connection. We soon see that the complexities are plenty and answers are few as our lived histories trickle out of the church to transpire on the proscenium stage.