muthi reed

krewe coumbite is my devised tool for remixing Black media, iconography and vernacular. I make curated media and performance (or, embellished presence). With my work I seek to alter vibrations of space and embodiment. Systemic violence, maroonage, cousinage, Native naming, Black architectures, queertopias, objects, work, wellness, and temporal notions of ownership and possession are the preoccupations that have beeninspiring my work HOUSE OF BLACK INFINITY// Wildin. In 2011 I began living bi regionally, journeying the pathways of the eastern seaboard, the pathway Grandmother traveled when she would migrate. In the space of migration, my questions around personhood become more about the improvisational fluxus between individual and community consciousness/activism– me/we (m. Ali).

I am studying, archiving and making environments and forms for Black presence that center land, water, sound and geographies in space. And dreaming current and future iconographs of being finesse (or, Blackness). Where Blackness is not simply a skin color but an attitude, as James Brown said.