Preview VIII: Christina Castro-Tauser

This project titled Among Us, will consist of both improvisation and set choreography.  With a small cast of dancers and a vocalist we are physically exploring the following questions:  When in our lives are we performing? When are we being observed?  Who do we find ourselves performing for in our daily lives?  I am looking at actions and movements that we keep repeating: routines, ideas, rituals and ways of thinking that we return to; and exploring physically how we inspire, initiate and create new patterns and ways of understanding. 

We each have very distinctive ways of moving and I am utilizing our varied training and styles to create a physical conversation. Our performance will consist of several choreographed and improvised sections including solos, duet and a group section. 

In this work the audience becomes a central part of the performance and will be surrounded by the dancers. The audience creates their own dance as movement is needed to be able to see the performers, as it is performed sometimes behind, across and next to them. I believe every audience member will have a different relationship to the piece depending on their view point and distance from the dancers.

With dancers Emma Manion and Aaron Mitchell in the short clip and picture below, we are exploring different way of returning to the familiar. We are looking at how we find comfort in routine as well as exploring how we can move away from what we know to create and initiate new ideas.

Dancers: Emma Manion and Aaron Mitchell; Choreography: Christina Castro-Tauser
Aaron Mitchell and Emma Manion. Photo: Christina Castro-Tauser