The Dancer-Citizen Live: Moving the Map

Erica Moshman

A Preview

Curated by The Dancer-Citizen and in collaboration with nine contributors, Moving the Map is an international multi-site and online performance series of works exploring themes generated in the journal. Pieces are site-specific, interdisciplinary, and comment on or represent the artists’ practices with an exploration of dancer citizenship.

Performance sites are: West Coast US; East Coast US; Hamburg, Germany, with opportunities for audiences to watch the performances live and/or online.

On the West Coast:

Bernard Brown’s project, ComeUnity, will be one dance across two site: Los Angeles, and Sacramento, CA. Bernard plans to look at the Black Lives Matter movement and asks, “Where do we congregate?...How do we create community in this virtual realm?” For Bernard Brown's Issue 1 contribution, see: Threat.

Daniel Rothman’s Would Inglewood, invited users to create and record music mixes in Edward Vincent Jr. Park, in the Inglewood, Los Angeles. With this they were able to begin conversations, tell stores, and explore processes. During Moving the Map, Daniel plans to experiment in a similar way. For Daniel Rothman's Issue 2 contribution, see Risk.

Allison Wyper and her collaborators plan to perform a new work, Inland Sea, where they “will explore the social, cultural, and political stores embedded in California’s Salton Sea, Canada’s Hudson Bay, and (memories of) the Eromanga Sea.” The performance will take place in Los Angeles, inviting live audience to walk through the performance space, which will include live performance and video/media installations. For Allison Wyper’s Issue 1 contribution, see Rhizomatic Arts: Cultivating creative sustainability through collaboration and exchange.

On the East Coast, New York City:

Christina Castro-Tauser’s work, Among Us, will ask questions of performance and routine. She looks at changes, rituals, and behaviors during judgement and exposure. The audience will be part of the process, creating their own dance as they watch with their own unique view of the dancers. For Christina Castro-Tauser's Issue 4 Dancer-Citizen contribution, see Embodiment in the Public Art of Jody Pinto: a Dancer and Artist in Conversation from Afar.

Maira Duarte will be performing her work #alloftheabove as shown in Issue 4: “a piece that explores the limits of our empathy and the role/duty of the artist in times of conflict.

Heather Harrington’s solo is based on questions from What About Me (Issue 4). For Heather Harrington's Issue 2 Submission, see Site-Specific Protest Dance.

On the East Coast, Atlanta:

Julie B. Johnson (Editor) will engage participants in Moving Our Stories: "a multifaceted creative practice that explores embodied memory and personal narratives through dance workshops, choreographic practice, creative and scholarly research, and community dialogues. Drawing on a deep history of embodied storytelling and creative movement practices - Moving Our Stories uses improvisation, choreographic processes, writing, and group discussion to investigate the ways our histories live and move in our bodies."

In Hamburg, Germany:

Iria Arenas will be basing her work on Wortenlust, as shown in Issue 4. She plans to create a performance from intensive workshops taking place in the days leading up to Moving the Map.

JKL Collective plans to run a workshop based off on their Quorum project; the international, interdisciplinary artist exchange. Workshops will include elements of writing, performance and bookmaking. For JKL's Issue 3 submission, see Behind: The Back of It.

Hannah Schwadron “will screen her newest dance film on the subject, Between I and Thou…where a group from Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and the United States moves through questions of migration, relationship, and creative exchange. The hybrid dance and interview format follows participants as they explore a collaborative practice where change is constant and negotiation is ever present.” For Hannah's Issue 4 submission, see Lessons Learned from the Past.

The Dancer-Citizen Live: Moving the Map will take place on Sunday, June 24th 2018. Times and live site locations will be announced in the upcoming weeks.